Utilitrack at the launch of the Cambridge Cleantech Manifesto

Westminster The joint manifesto of Cambridge Cleantech and the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research was launched in the Palace of Westminster last week. Leading advocates from the world of Cleantech, a sector of business that contributes approximately £52bn per year in sales of goods and services, were in attendance. The event was opened by Hugh Parnell, Chairman, Cambridge Cleantech and was addressed by MP for Cambridge Dr Julian Huppert along with Prof Doug Crawford-Brown from the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research.

As an Associate Member of Cambridge Cleantech, Utilitrack was invited to attend the event to lend its support to such issues as the mandatory monitoring and reporting of cleantech performance, such as energy consumption, in major building and infrastructure projects. Procuring over £60m worth of power per annum for our client’s Utilitrack recognises the need to measure accurately the usage a business has, from which the best value from the energy market can be attained. In a recent exercise with Founding Member of Cambridge Cleantech Bouygues E&S Infrastructure UK Limited, Utilitrack helped a London Borough secure a two year electricity contract saving it over £26,000. Something that would have been impossible without accurate data from the 40,000 assets linked to the contract.