An accredited company

The Code of Practice…we are proud to be an accredited company

The E.on TPI (Third Party Introducers or Brokers) Code of Practice is a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high quality broker’s acting as intermediaries between micro-business customers and suppliers.

By signing up to this Code of Practice, TPIs agree to:

  • be bound by it and by any decisions taken under the Code by the Code Manager;
  • make sure their people (including any third parties they use) understand and comply with it;
  • tell customers they’re providing their service according to the Code and where they can find it;
  • and uphold the public image and reputation of the energy industry.

Utilitrack has been extensively audited by a team from E.on, in all its processes, and has successfully passed the audit. We are now listed as an accredited TPI.

Full details of the code are available at

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