SMEs could be undervaluing energy efficiency, report warns

The adoption of energy efficiency measures in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) risks being undermined by the difficulty in precisely measuring the benefits, a government report has said. On Friday 16 January, Cornwall Energy writes, the Dept. for Energy and Climate Change published a report on the barriers and drivers to energy efficiency in SMEs. It said that businesses faced a challenge in quantifying, understanding and integrating energy efficiency savings into their regular activities and that it was therefore difficult for the value of any potential or actual improvement to be calculated. This may result in energy efficiency being “undervalued”, the report said. Improving access to metering and monitoring technology was suggested as a potential remedy.

The roll out of smart metering should provide SMEs with the ability access their consumption figures but very often suppliers aren’t proactive in giving businesses the ability to view the data. If you would like help to viewing your data please contact us on 0845 604 1484 (01234 267883) it is the first step to understanding your consumption.