MaryI started my working career in a customer service call centre which is where I started to develop my skills in office administration and a lot of my social skills especially on how to party!

As my knowledge developed I moved into administration for Children Services and then from there  I was appointed the position of Contracts Manager within the Civil Service.

After redundancy, I felt there was no life outside the Civil Service and would never be able to find a role that I would feel the same about.

However, after a few months of temporary work, I was lucky enough to receive a phone call from an agency who suggested they had found me a job that could tick all the boxes.

I then met Gerard and the team and never looked back!

I joined Utilitrack Online as a Sales Administrator.  It didn’t take me long to realise that what I really wanted to do was work directly with our clients. I was soon bugging Gerard and giving him earache about pursuing the path of being an energy broker.

Whilst it is still early days, I am thoroughly enjoying the job satisfaction that comes with helping businesses with their utilities and I am still providing the Sales Administration to the team too so I have the best of both worlds!





What football team do you support?

I hate football


What is your best professional moment?

Getting Promoted


What is your most embarrassing professional moment?

Emailing ‘dear nob’ instead of ‘dear bob’ by accident.


Who should play you in a film of your life?

Mrs Doyle – Father Ted


Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

Angelina Jolie


One life changing moment?

Having my son


Any quirky habits or defining idiosyncrasies?

I’m always hot


Describe yourself in three words?

Beautiful, Intelligent, enthusiastic


How would others describe you in three words?

‘What’s the gos?’


What film would you like to appear in and what part would you play?

Grease – Betty Rizzo


What band would you be in and what you sing?

The Corrs – Runaway


If you couldn’t be a commercial energy broker, what would you rather be?

The real housewife of Bedford