Gerard Duggan Director of everything

Gerard Duggan

In 1979 I graduated from Leicester University with a degree in Social Sciences and joined a family owned printing company called Tate Business Forms as a trainee salesman based in Luton. I learnt a huge amount about working with people from Derek Taylor and Roger Peck both of whom emphasised the importance to everyone in getting the job printed, from the cleaner to the printing press minder to the packers and delivery guy.

From Tates I worked for a business form manufacturer in Hemel Hempstead before trying my luck in the City of London with the Williams Lea Group. I held various positions with them culminating in the role of Customer Service Manager. During my spell with the Group we printed the documents for many of the Thatcher Era’s privatisations including, ironically, the utility companies British Gas and BT.

The recession of the early 1980’s put paid to my time in the City and I quickly joined a company specialising in printing for the hotel and restaurant industry. I ended up running and owning this business and sold it in 2006 whereupon I launched myself into the residential energy market through a company called Utility Warehouse. I quickly realised that I wanted to work with the contacts I had in the commercial sector. I started searching for a partner and by a serious of happy coincidences met with Nick Kier and Andrew Willmer and formed Utilitrack Online Ltd.

In doing so, my co-Directors and I became one of the founding business partnerships of Utilitrack.



What football team do you support?

Tottenham Hotspur FC….the mighty Spurs!


 What is your best professional moment?

Leaving the print trade


 What is your most embarrassing professional moment?

My presentation at Ashridge Business School. It was truly dreadful…learnt a big lesson that day…fail to prepare…prepare to fail! Yep that was me.


 Who should play you in a film of your life?

Peter Firth…Harry from Spooks


Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

Liam Neeson


One life changing moment?

Meeting my wife…great moment


Any quirky habits or defining idiosyncrasies?

Must have pre-warmed espresso coffee cup


Describe yourself in three words?

Loyal, hardworking, caring


How would others describe you in three words?

Self-effacing, funny, honest…readers of this may have three different words!


What film would you like to appear in and what part would you play?

Bourne Identity…playing Jason #obvs


What band would you be in and what you sing?

Take That….I believe they have a space for me at the moment….singing Rule the World


If you couldn’t be a Commercial Energy Broker, what would you rather be?

A photographer