FAB 2…has Lady Penelope a new motor?

Perhaps in homage to the return of Thunderbirds to the small screen Ofgem are using FAB and FAB2 as the references for two of the three new interconnectors connecting the UK to the wider European power grid and have not used the icon reference FAB 1.

The projects set to move ahead include two power links to France totalling 2.4GW and a 1GW link to Denmark. Currently, the UK has 4GW of capacity in place, half of which links the country to France through one power link. A second 1GW cable connects the UK to the Netherlands and two 500MW links connect the UK to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The first new interconnector to be approved by Ofgem will connect the UK to Belgium through a 1GW link, and will be developed by National Grid and Belgium’s Elia to begin operation in 2019.