New Connections

Clients, when moving to new premises or when involved in new developments, find it increasingly difficult to obtain help to co-ordinate all the aspects of the processes associated with their utility requirements.

Much of this confusion lies in the way the utility industry is organised. The days of one electricity or gas board providing a fully comprehensive service have long disappeared. Further acquisitions, mergers and reorganisation within the utility industry have added further confusion. Customers have become baffled by the complexities associated with organising a new connection and quickly realise this very often involves the co-ordination of several independent companies, not to mention time and often money.

A Single Point of Contact

This is where we come in to offer a single, expert point of contact to co-ordinate the various elements of a utility project. We’ll help facilitate your utility requirements allowing you more time to focus on all the other aspects of your move or fit out.

Commencing with advice on capacity requirements and supply options and concluding with meter installations and energy contract procurement; we have every step along the way covered. Our added value includes ensuring every utility company and contractor alike is carefully managed on your behalf.

Very often we can achieve this without the need to charge a fee. Our remuneration comes from an industry standard commission for procuring the associated supply contract linked to the new connection and meter.

And after the site is handed over

Our role as an energy broker can continue to assist the client to ensure the businesses occupying the site; the landlord supply and common areas of a building are lit and heated at the most cost efficient rates.

Call us on 01234 267883 or 0845 604 1484 to see how we can help you with your new site

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