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We offer an independent whole of market review of your gas and electricity spend
When did you last review your energy tariff?
The Problem

The contracts to supply gas & electricity services to businesses are unlike those you are offered at home.

The contracts have a longer term, the rules about changing suppliers and the prices you pay are based on commercial deals not on consumer law, and having an established relationship with the suppliers is critical.

Is your business on the correct tariff?

The prices for gas and electric have increased dramatically over the last three years. A volatile rising market place is likely to be the case for some time to come. You are probably bombarded with calls on a daily basis from suppliers saying that they have the best rates and they will save you money. These interruptions are an annoying drain on your valuable time. That’s where Utilitrack’s unique utility tracking service provides the answer.

The deregulated energy market offers the potential for competition but many businesses are unable to take advantage of this through lack of resources and expertise to fully exploit its potential. Most businesses tend to accept the renewal rate offered by their supplier and don’t have a strategy in place to benchmark it against the best market rate.

We have found that most people we speak to think they are paying too much for their utilities, yet one in five people are not even aware they can switch suppliers. They’ve had little or no input into the selection of the energy tariff they are currently using. Our plan is to reverse this scenario through

Using an established business utility broker like us that has good relationships with the generators of gas and electricity, could help you make significant savings on utilities. So let us check if your business is on the correct tariff

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Our Solution

We negotiate on your behalf directly with the energy suppliers.

In simple terms, we’ll look at your bills and invite the suppliers to tender for your business energy. We then manage the process of setting up a new contract so you don’t have to.

We have a team of people who know how to obtain the best deals and to save the most money by inviting the power companies to tender for your client’s business. We’ll help them obtain the ‘win new business rate’ from the market rather than the often higher ‘renewal rate’. Most importantly we will ensure clients aren’t rolled over into a new contract at unfavourable rates.

What sets us apart from the crowd is;

  • Our Independence – we are independent of all suppliers and do not favour one supplier over another
  • Our Transparency – we show you the results of our tender process to all of the suppliers in an easy to read document allowing you clear evidence upon which to base your supplier choice on
  • We don’t take a share of any savings – any savings we may make in our review are returned to you by the supplier in future billing. We are recognised by the suppliers who may pay us an industry standard commission based on usage and not spend.

Since we manage the contract, the rates available are almost always significantly better than the supplier will offer you if you go directly to them.

As a result of what we do you can be confident of the tariff and associated price you are paying for your gas and electricity.

So let us help you track your renewals so you don’t have to worry about them. We need the minimum of information to get started so please call us on 01234 267883 or 0845 604 1484.

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About Us

We are passionate about honesty, trust and transparency. We want our clients to feel the same way about us when we help them renew their energy contracts. We do this by benchmarking our clients rates against the best daily market prices.

The testing of those rates is done completely independently as we have no bias towards any supplier and transparently as you’ll see all our research. The process of which is funded through an industry standard commission. We won’t send you a bill. All the saving generated are returned to you in full.

Would you like us to test your rates?


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